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January 13, 2010


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Becky D

Oh my!

That would actually be a really cute jacket, if it weren't for all those purses! How funny!

And the dog? Oh boy!

But the beaded bag? LOVE it! WANT it. Not sure I wouldn't STEAL it.

As usual, your blog is delightful.

Shelley Monson

Do you have any information about the designer of the dog purse? What is the provenance?

FIDM Museum

Hi Shelley, the dog purse was a Museum purchase, so we know nothing about the provenance. Unfortunately, there's no tag, so we also lack any knowledge about when/where it was manufactured. I'll check with my colleagues in the Museum to see if anyone has any additional information about this type of novelty purse. If you have specific questions (or would just like to talk about the purse some more!) please feel free to contact me via email and I'll do my best to help you out.

FIDM Museum

Hi Becky,

Thanks so much for your many kind comments about the blog! However, I would advise against stealing!! Wouldn't want you to get in trouble...

Becky D

Haha! I was kidding, of course. Just meant that it's beautiful...sigh.

wency loves recycle handmade bags

sweet beaded bag, i love it! hmmmm...makes me think of asking a friend to make one close to that handbag for me. The dog? if I can have that dog, I will display it and no kidos will be allowed to touch it! Get me that jacket please. That jacket is a treasure to me.Like it, like it but no purses please. A separate handmade purse I would love to have is a designer wrapper purse of Nahui Ollin or Naveh Milo. Their collections are great for women like me who really loves recycle handmade bags and purses.

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