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January 20, 2010


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Katrina Andrews

YES!! I looove platform shoes! Platforms always remind me of a scene in the 80s movie "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka", when at one point a character goes out for a stroll decked out in full 1970s pimp regalia, complete with platform shoes with soles that are each made to be miniature aquariums with goldfish inside. I'm not sure anything like that ever existed in the 70s, but given how crazy some fashions were known to get, it wouldn't surprise me if those costume shoes were based off something real.

Now, if the weather in LA keeps going the way it's going, I think we're all going to need platform shoes to get around town!

FIDM Museum

Oh, those goldfish filled platforms!

They were apparently created in 1972 by a designer named Harold Smerling. However, a search of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and a quick look at the New York Times didn't confirm this information. I'd love to know if they actually existed, but I suspect they might be an urban legend.

Readers, if anyone has a lead on the goldfish filled platforms, please post a comment!

buy r4 dsi

wow, it is really a very nice shoes. I like it a lot and it makes me so tall. My height is only 5.1 and worrying for it. Thanks for sharing.

Katrina Andrews

Hey Rachel...here's a screencap from "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" of the shoes I was referring to in my earlier comment:


No information on the actual shoes that may have inspired this, but it seems that there are several manufacturers of joke/costume shoes out there currently making goldfish pimp shoes. Maybe they did come from something real! Although, who knows...maybe a shoe company once made some platforms with clear, hollow soles and some enterprising people took them apart to put goldfish in them...

Paul Grieger

I met a man named Tom McArdle (now retired and living in The Dominican Republic). He had worked for Florsheim/Airstep shoes in the 70's and (I was told by a mutual acquaintance) that he was instrumental in popularizing the the platform shoe, and had, "put platforms on the feet of the Beatles and Elton John." I was also told that he had invented the platforms with the goldfish inside. When mentioned in his presence, he grumbled a bit, and said, "Yeah." but was dismissive of the idea.

Britton Roth

Tom McArdle is my father. He was crazy talented and had a closet full of these boots!

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