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February 24, 2010


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Becky D

The thing that always strikes me about the items you post is how amazingly detailed they are. It seems that today's fashions typically lack pride of craftsmanship. Everything seems so thrown together now, whereas past designers, seamstresses, tailors...they all spent time perfecting details. I realize this probably just reflects that the world's population has grown immensely. We have a quick-and-cheap-fashion-for-the-masses mentality that precludes fine painstaking detail work and that makes me sad. This jacket is lovely. The style is perhaps not something a young woman would wear today, but the artistry is timeless. I wish that part of it had traveled to 2010.

FIDM Museum

Agreed! You've pinpointed the throwaway nature of most contemporary clothing.There are certainly garments available that demonstrate the detail that you discuss, but they're a bit outside the realm of possibility for most of us.

Though the reasons are many, I been thinking more lately about the role of the consumer in this downgrading of quality. We expect things to be cheap and also expect that items will only be worn for a season or two. By demanding the lowest price, we also guarantee inferior textiles and careless construction. How to get out of this cycle??

Bill Wayne

Some of current day fashion definitely takes it's cues from military attire. The beret for example is being worn by celebrities such as Fergie and Cameron.

If you look at dress uniforms still in the military, many are so old fashioned that it just doesn't make sense anymore (23 buttons on the navy dress blue's?).

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