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April 28, 2010


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Ingrid Mida

What an exceptional collection! I am especially entranced with the dress "associated with Queen Marie Antoinette". Does that mean she might have worn it? Or was it from her era? I thought she was fond of paler hues. I wish you much success in raising the necessary funds as it would be marvelous to see these gowns on display.

Amy Osterholm

Some of us who were privileged to view a donated men's 18th c. embroidered suit last summer are looking forward to seeing your photos of that amazing acquisition - or did I miss it?

FIDM Museum

Ingrid, Thanks for this question, as I'm sure you're not the only one wondering about the Marie Antoinette association. First, I should stress that all the objects in this collection are the subject of ongoing research. The research indicating that this gown is associated with Marie Antoinette comes from Helen Larson, who was a well-respected dress historian. All of the objects in her collection are well-documented.

Yes, it definitely dates to Marie Antoinette's era. The shape of the skirt tells us this is a court gown, which was a very regimented form of dress (essentially a uniform) during this period of French history. Additionally, the type of embroidery seen on the skirt appears on other garments documented to be "associated" with Marie Antoinette. Also, the floral iconography has been linked to flowers associated with Marie Antoinette.
So, we're not suggesting that this skirt was worn by Marie Antoinette, but that the style/embellishment of the skirt indicate that it would have been worn by someone associated with her and the French court.
Finally, thank you for your good wishes! We are very excited about this project.

FIDM Museum

Amy, you haven't missed new photos of that suit! I haven't been able to post them yet, as we haven't yet photographed the entire ensemble. Unfortunately, we have a tremendous backlog of objects to photograph, so it will take some time to get those images up on the blog. As I'm sure you have noticed, menswear is somewhat rare on our blog, so I'm looking forward to posting more information about the court suit. For the curious, this is the post that Amy's comment refers to: http://blog.fidmmuseum.org/museum/2009/08/just-a-glimpse.html

Martha S

Is there any chance you have a photograph of the back of the silk 1865 Worth & Bobergh Day Dress?

FIDM Museum

Hi Martha,

Unfortunately, we do not have a view of the back of that dress. Apologies!

Martha S

Sorry to hear that. I was hoping to make a similar dress. Will have to guess...

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