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June 13, 2012


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Donata Orsborn

My grandmother worked in post-WWII Germany and Austria. On her visit to the U.S. in 1955, she brought me a wool suit almost identical to the one shown.

Label with the red heart says:
Wiener Werkstatte
Ges. Gesch.

Size is 50 - about Child size 4.

Floral design on the back of the jacket is more compact-shorter vines. Your jacket must be a child size 8 or 10.

My grandmother also brought a lovely pair of lederhosen, with similar detail, for my younger brother. We assumed these were items sold to tourists, but, knowing my grandmother, they may have been purchased secondhand from a neighbor or friend.

My suit has been kept in a shadowbox and displayed on the wall of my sewing room for more than 20 years.
I'll take some good pix for you.

FIDM Museum


Thanks for your comment! It makes me wonder if there was a revival of the Wiener Werkstatte during or after World War II. Your label sounds similar to the one inside this jacket. So interesting! We would love to see images of your suit...you can email them to us via the contact link at the upper left. Or you could post them on our Facebook page. Looking forward to seeing your suit!

Sharon Breshears

What an amazing outfit. The workmanship and detailing are beautiful.

p.s. Will we be seeing a post about museum curator Kevin Jones' trips to the UK and Italy?

FIDM Museum

I will do my best! I'm going to try and get Kevin to recap his experiences at the recent The Making of a Monarchy for the Modern World conference. Stay tuned...

janet moore

I have a girl's skirt and jacket (same style as your photo) that my parents bought for me when I was very young...so probably in the early 50's. They traveled to Europe often so it was likely purchased in Austria? The label is " Weiner Moden". The suit is red wool felt with green edging, embroidery on the jacket and skirt and the same buttons as on your example. It is in perfect condition and I would like to know its value.

FIDM Museum

Hi Janet,

For a variety of reasons, we cannot provide valuations of objects. I'd suggest checking auction results and looking around online to for other examples.

Good luck in your search!

Grant Roesler

I'm curious if the museum would be interested in more Wiener Werkstatte children's clothing, similar to this?

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