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August 21, 2009


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Heather Vaughan

Dear god that's beautiful. If you hear any more about this duo, please fill us in. I'm so curious! Have you tried that guidebook to Paris from the 1930s? They had some very helpful on Myrbor when I was doing some research. If you think it would be helpful, let me know and I'll get you the reference.

FIDM Museum

If we learn more, I'll be sure to let you know! Haven't tried the guidebook you mention...could you pass along the reference?

Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection

That dress is absolutely breathtaking!

Christine M. Roussel

I am the grand-daughter of Baroness d'Etreillis. I was born in 1945 so I knew my grandmother and great-aunt at the end of their lives. Sylvie Montegut, who was the creative force behind most of the designs, died of cancer in November of 1953 at the age of 81. Jeanne d'Etreillis, who opened and ran the stores, and took the collection to the courts of the crowned heads of Europe before World War I, died of congestive heart failure in June of 1957, also at 81. She had closed the business 3 months before she died.
I would be happy to answer your questions about Boue Soeurs and the two sisters who created the business from nothing more than their genius and their faith in themselves. Please send your questions to my email address below. I will tell you quite honestly if I don't know the answer to your question: I am a historian by training and I don't believe in making things up. I have advanced arthritis so if there is a bit of a delay in my answering your message it just means the arthritis is acting up.

FIDM Museum

It is so delightful to see your comment! I hope you enjoyed seeing this Boue Soeurs creation. It must have been fascinating to know these two creative women. Did you have a sense of their talents as a child, or did you learn about their design career as an adult?

Thanks for taking the time to contribute to our knowledge of these talented sisters!

Sue Whelan

I'm thrilled to see some information on the Soeurs Boué as I have long thought their designs were unusually delicate and feminine, even for the Edwardian period. Their use of ribbon embroidery and lace was especially beautiful. It's obvious they loved and respected handwork. Thank you for posting the pictures of that exquisite dress. If Ms. Roussel is willing to furnish more details on the sisters' history, especially in America, I would love to read about it.


The dress is stunning. And I want to thank again Christine for taking the time to comment. It is such an honor to interact with the grand-daughter of a legend. What a blessed life to be the grand-daughter of such an amazing person.

Diane Montegut

I am the grandaughter of Sylvie Boue Montegut. Sylvie's son, Philippe, my father, told us many endearing stories of my grandmother and great aunt, who had both passed before I was born. Just to add to your information, the sisters were known as Les Irondelles de la Dentelle, for their work with lace. The rose that decorated many of their creations was their signature. You are probably already aware that my father contributed what he had left of their creations to The Metropolitan Museum's costume collection in New York.
All the best,
Diane Montegut

Denise Marie Chirco

I am excited to find information on the box of photos I aquired, with pictures from the twenties, of a model named Marion Van Tassel, the photos show her in many of the Boue Soeurs. I have some magazine ads also showing other models.

Susan Kelly

I have a copy of Les Modes magazine, No. 156, "No. de Noel" Decembre 1913. The cover has a plate entitled Mme. Marthe Regnier, Habillee par Boue Soeurs (pardon absence of accents, s.v.p.). The plate is attributed to Typogravure Goupil of France. I can find little information about the magazine, but the illustration does have the 'signature' roses on the dress (two, one at bodice, one at hem). Very interesting ensemble. Wish I could upload a copy of a scan.

FIDM Museum

Susan, that sounds interesting. We'd love to take a look at the image. If you're on Facebook, you can post the scan on our Facebook page. You can find us here: https://www.facebook.com/FIDMMuseum

Denise Chirco

Hello Diane Montegut and Christine Roussel,

I have acquired many professional pictures from the lead poseur of Boue' Soeurs, shown in beautifully designed clothing of Sylvie and Jeanne. A book is in the works and I would like to talk to you both, in person if possible.. Thank you. Oh I realize the 100 year anniversary is upon us..

Denise Chirco

Diane and Christine, my email address is denisemariechirco@gmail.com

Stephanie Wing-Garcia

I would love to find out more! I have one of these dresses. I bought it 11 years ago and wore it as my wedding dress.

FIDM Museum

Hi Stephanie,

How exciting to have a Boué Soeurs design as your wedding dress! We would love to see a photo - feel free to post to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FIDMMuseum.

marie boue' young

Diane Montegut and Christine roussel...I believe we may be related somehow. My grandfather was Jacques Maurice Charles boue' from castlendaury France ...my great grandmother was Katherine soeurs stouff also from France. I would love to connect with you and share what I know of my family.

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