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September 28, 2009


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Sonny Ahuja

I have been in perfume industry for over 12 years and never got a chance to see a perfume museum. I get hundreds of requests of perfumes and colognes even today that have been discontinued several years ago. I wish I could see, feel and smell those scents as sometimes we are able to find fragrances similar to the ones discontinued.

I think every major city should have a fragrance museum or something similar.

Jaelyn Rae Marshall

I stumbled upon your site while researching a historical costume and - though compleely unrelated - the blue gown above immediately caught my eye.

Do you happen to have a back view of the blue Dior/Bohan gown, or any info as to who wore it so I could try to find more info?

It bears a striking resemblance to the currently wildly popular "ice queen" - Elsa from Frozen. I wonder if the blue gown was perhaps a childhood dream dress of one of the animators. If from 1989, that scenario would fit the timeline perfectly. ;)

I would love to see if the "cape" is attached at the bodice line in back (as Elsa's is) - a design choice that somewhat baffles me. I never understood why it wasn't attached at the upper neckline, but if it was based upon a real life inspiration, that odd style choice would make more sense.

FIDM Museum

Hi Jaelyn,

Yes, you're right - this truly does resemble Elsa's gown! The "cape" is actually two separate pieces of fabric attached at the center back top of the bodice above the zipper. The sheer panel in the front does not cover the entire back, as it does on Elsa's dress. We are happy to send you a photograph of the back; please send an email to studycollection@fidmmuseum.org so we can pass that along.

Happy researching!

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