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September 01, 2009


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Hi Rachel, this is a terrific new blog!

I volunteer at the Gallery of Costume here in Manchester (UK), and I'm very interested in the working practises of dress museums.

I'd love to know about the FIDM's collecting policy - what are the 'gaps' in your collection that you'd love to fill, what kinds of garments are you actively seeking to acquire? Do you ever turn down donations because you already have items that are similar (this must require considerable tact and diplomacy!)?

It seems to me that many people assume that museums are happy to get anything and everything (and have an infinite storage capacity!), and I wonder if you think that making a museum's collection policy more explicit and understandable would be helpful, or perhaps put off potential donors?

I'm also interested in everything else you've mentioned too!

FIDM Museum

Hi Sarah!

Thanks so much for your kind comment about our blog. Your questions raise a number of issues which (as you mention!) require careful consideration. We'll do our best to address your questions in a future post!

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