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October 30, 2009


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Dani Killam

I love this post. Archive.org was great to look through the book you suggested. Good call on the hornet costume.


Oh, the hornet costume is hilarious!

I'm really enjoying this blog. Thanks so, so much for this.

FIDM Museum

So glad you both like the hornet costume! Make sure you page through and look at the others...Monte Carlo (red/black playing card theme) would also make a fabulous costume!


Oh, Hornet is impressive, but I also like Magpie on pg. 140 and the snake, bat, and rat adorned witch on pg. 234. The owl in the broom is especially fetching. :)

The fact that "Girl Graduate" is included as a costume idea cracks me up!

Now, how do we get our hands on "Gentleman's Fancy Dress"?

FIDM Museum


I tried to find a copy of Gentleman's Fancy Dress, but didn't find it anywhere. I'm sure there's a copy tucked away in a library someplace. Hope they'll put it on line at some point!

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