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October 23, 2009


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crispin & basilio

think i'll walk the few blocks from c&b studio to ogle...

FIDM Museum

You'll definitely enjoy the show. We'll look forward to seeing you there!


Just got the catalog in the mail---it is wonderful!
I have long admired Mrs. Bloomingdale for such a long time. Will any of the video footage be made available on line?

FIDM Museum


So glad you like the catalog. During the next few weeks, we plan to feature at least one of the interview segments seen in the exhibition. We want those of you who live outside of Los Angeles to see as much of the exhibition as possible!



Can't wait----I hate that I can't see it in person!


I have been a great fan of Mrs. Bloomingdale for some time. Out of all of the modern social diplomats, she is the best...truly Good Queen Betts as I hear she is nick-named. I've just purchased a catalogue from the FIDM store and am hoping to visit Los Angeles in December and take in the exhibit.

Thank you for having this information available.



I was in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hills Hotel in November 2009 celebrating my 50th birthday when this exhibit opened. I was traveling with a friend and our time was planned almost to the minute, so I was not able to visit the museum. "Heartbroken" is the only word that describes how I felt at the time and still feel about missing this opportunity. I follow Mrs. Bloomingdale as much as possible in the press and have for years. She is a true doyenne of the fashion scene and lives a life to be exemplified. Hopefully my schedule will permit me to visit Los Angeles again next year and visit the museum and this exquisite exhibit. I was wondering, is Mrs. Bloomingdale ever at the museum? I would be forever grateful for the chance to meet her.

FIDM Museum

Hi John,

Sorry you weren't able to catch High Style when you were in Los Angeles! If you are interested, you can purchase a catalog via our Museum Shop: http://bit.ly/emra3D.

The High Style actually closed in Dec. 2009, so isn't available for viewing any longer. We are about to open a new exhibition called FABULOUS, which will open on September 13, 2011. Come visit us during this show if you can!

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