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October 02, 2009


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Julia Nunn

It's good to know others are alert and on the lookout for the subtle 'wrongness' of a great pretender garment! I recently inventoried and appraised a vast museum collection which the Seattle Goodwill has been collecting for 30 years. Most of the collection had gone un-described, stored horrifically and un-cleaned for most of that time, so it was a six month journey of discovery and righting of wrongs for these poor garments, and a thrilling opportunity for me to use my 35 years of antique textile knowledge! I found almost a dozen pieces of clothing in this collection which had been passing for everything from 1880s traveling dresses to 1920s pajama bottoms, which were not at all what they seemed. They had been displayed and even modeled as the real thing, and I was now able to firmly label them as 'costume only'! I love your site and am especially so happy to see examples of heartbreakers like the Boue Souers dress. Thanks, Julia Nunn

FIDM Museum

Julia, I'm familiar with the Seattle Goodwill annual fashion show. I'm glad to here that they've taken some action to evaluate and protect the collection!

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