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November 13, 2009


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wow love this blog and like the dress rokin

Becky D

That's craftsmanship! Beautiful. Wish I had the curves to pull off something like this.

FIDM Museum

I've always thought that this dress would "read" much better on a human body than it does on the dress form. So glad you were both able to see past the blocky dress form to appreciate the dress!


how could anyone accuse Alaia of "parodying the female body"? What does that make Jean Paul Gaultier?

I had always wondered how he produces his knit dresses. The ones I've seen at Galeries Lafayette look like the knit fabrics were custom-made for his designs (which would explain the price-tag). Like this dress for example, the inside looks so clean it's almost wearable.

btw, "Gift of Nancy Riegelman" - author of 9 heads?

FIDM Museum


The charge of parody was related to his extreme accentuation of the female form. To quote from the relevant article, "He believes his designs enhance a woman's femininity, but too often he seems to indulge in parody." (Bernadine Morris, NYT, April 1, 1986). My sense of the accusation is that Morris felt that his "enhancement" of a woman's feminine charms reduced women to a caricature consisting solely of breasts, hips, and buttocks.
Gaultier's emphasis on femininity has always seemed much more playful to me and not so much about being dead sexy.

Yes, the same Nancy Riegelman.

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