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November 04, 2009


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Becky D

I love the shape of this coat. The colors are wacky, but kind of fun! Very interesting.


See? Fashion- Costume. The same.

Bobbi C

I have this coat in my closet. It was always lucky.

Barbara P.

I owned this coat was the best purchase I ever made.LOVE,LOVE LOVE!Bought it in the 70s from a boutique in Philadelphia wore it to death had so many compliments.Can't believe I found this online after all these years ive been telling my daughter about this coat,now she can finally see why I loved it so!makes me smile,love you Betsey!!!!!

Pamela Roberts Levitt

I was going threw my "old" Boulder Colorado clothes I wore when I was young in the very early 70's maybe late 60's. I found my number#1 favorite top. I looked at the lable and it is "Alley Cat", by Betsey Johnson. Still my fave top ever! Basic black long sleeve jersey/cotton with open front that ties with "baby" ribbons. I wore it to every concert. It is still in excellent condition. My girlfriend told me I would never let her borrow it, and she loved it too (thats why it is still in excellent condition)! I told her that was the ONE piece that noone wore but me! My trade mark top! Drove the guys wild! Should be in a museum!


Wow, I have 5 of the 8 original Butterick Betsey Johnson for Alley Cat patterns! So cool, I've always been a fan but didn't realize she started back in the 60's. I will definitely be framing these!


So fab. Was getting more research done for my Alley Cat maxi dress out of curiosity. This is a cool article! :)


I own this same coat. One of my favourite things about it is the lining inside the sleeves, which is hard to see because of the fun fun makes it hard to turn them out a bit. But the coat I have the lining is the 'have a nice day' with coffee/tea cup pattern Betsey drew for another Alley Cat quilted separates (blazer, skirt, etc.). The lining is in pink, blue, black and so unique.

Diane Laag

This article is so cool and so heartwarming as it brings back so many fond,fun memories of Betsey’s Alley Cat clothing.
I found her designs in Philly at a store called Sweet Fanny Adams, also at an Alley Cat outlet also in Philly.
We wore her clothes mixed with vintage pieces and our gigantic wooden Goody Two Shoes from NY.
Looking back, we may have looked a bit silly but at the time, we were thrilled to have Alley Cat clothing in our closets. Diane

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