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November 19, 2009


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i love the blog and everything is informative and beautiful to look at, but this dress continues to be my favorite post



My favorite blog post has to the the July 14th entry on Madame Olympe. http://blog.fidmmuseum.org/museum/2009/07/meet-madame-olympe.html I have never been a fan of the civil war era fashions. Crinolines? Blech! But this is one of those fashions that makes me want to re-think that stance. It looks to be transitional to the bustle period and the coloring is so simple and yet so striking. I love it!

Ingrid Mida

Although all your posts are both informative and delightful, my favourite post was without a doubt about the crinoline!

Steph @ Tart Deco

I really enjoyed the red cinch belt post http://blog.fidmmuseum.org/museum/2009/10/cinch-belt.html. As someone who tries to wear 50s fashion as much as possible, the cinch belt is one of my favorite accessories (next to the hair flower).


I love this blog! My favorite post is the one on the 19th century fancy dress gown. :-)


Oh what a great giveaway!! My favorite post by far is this one about the insane feather hat: http://blog.fidmmuseum.org/museum/2009/07/fashionable-feathers.html

Laurie Tavan

My favorite post is the fancy dress one: http://blog.fidmmuseum.org/museum/2009/10/fancy-dress.html

But I loved the most recent Victorian one too.


Tough call but I think this is my favorite post:
The construction of this evening gown is incredible!


My favorite is the Tina Lesser post. I was never familiar with her, but her work is gorgeous!

Katrina Andrews

I have to chime in about the Tina Leser skirt as well (http://blog.fidmmuseum.org/museum/2009/09/skirttina-leserc-1955gift-of-mrs-carita-kadison20037925---detail-of-20037925.html). I had never heard of this designer, but your post has inspired me to look for some more information on her and her designs. The intricate lace-work, the luminous blue color, the silhouette of the skirt...I wish I had a piece like this in my own closet!

(And on an unrelated note, I wouldn't mind having that red Valentino gown from the exhibition in my closet as well! I don't suppose the museum has a spare lying around, perhaps? ^_^ )


My favorite has to be the hairpin lace dress:


Much as I enjoy getting a glimpse of all the big-name designer garments in your collection, I love that this dress was completely handmade by and personal to the wearer. The crafting technique was new to me, but now I can't wait to try it out myself (thanks for the tutorial link!).


Aw, blast it! It figures that I'd end up being out of touch at exactly the wrong time!

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