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December 28, 2009


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I can never get enough Marimekko! Their designs always feel so modern, regardless of their age.

FIDM Museum

Diana, I feel the same! I've always felt that Marimekko prints are so timeless because they're always out of fashion, i.e. Marimekko designers were/are truly doing their own thing and didn't pay much attention to trends. Because the prints are often a bit outside of the larger narrative of fashion, they retain a freshness and visual appeal regardless of when they were created.

r4i kort

All the three dresses here are really very nice. I loved to read your blog. It has covered all new and creative designs and new patterns...

Katrina Andrews

I really like the fabric design in the first (black and white) dress. Very abstract and geometric. Actually, it kind of reminds me of the keys of a piano...so maybe not completely abstract after all. :)

FIDM Museum

I'd never thought of the black and white print that way, but you're right, it does resemble piano keys!


When I moved to Finland and looked around, Finnish design seemed to me to be in a time warp, but since then all things retro are in again. A case of " it's so out it's in" and Marimekko is a case in point. They just do what they do, and fall in and out of greater fashion cycles.

BTW Marimekko means Mari's dress - quite a quaint start to such a famous brand.

home interiors

Very good modern dress... I really like the fabric design in the first (black and res) Mari's dress.

Thanks for share

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