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January 04, 2010


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Katrina Andrews

The subtle text detail is really neat! From a distance it just looks like an ordinary print with no hidden message at all, but once you get up close the details are revealed.

FIDM Museum

Yes, detail is key to the success of this print. What we in the museum still can't quite figure out is why the text is reversed. Based on documentary evidence, it was clearly intentional, but what purpose did it serve?

Katrina Andrews

I've seen other prints in the past that had reversed text in them, but never got a definite explanation as to why. I always wondered if it was so the wearer of the garment would be able to read the text in the mirror. Since the woman wearing the dress would be the one most likely to view it up close, maybe it's a morale thing. She stops to check her appearance in the mirror, and there it is, a subtle reminder that "there'll always be an England."

Lessa Scherrer

I actually own a BAAC fabric clutch in a brown colorway with leather trim. The brown could be a faded red (brown's not very patriotic) although the clutch has no other flaws. The curlicues in the print spell BAAC. Do you have any other of the British-American Ambulance Corps fabrics in your collection?

FIDM Museum

Wow! This dress is the only BAAC textile in our collection. There are certainly other examples out there, but I've only seen print references, not images of the actual textile. Does your clutch have a manufacturer's tag?

June Brandt

I have a dress that I believe is BAAC, it shows the monogram of George VI. I'll have to check the inside, I know there is some writing there. Bought it about ten years ago to wear to a 1940's dance.

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