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February 03, 2010


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All discussion of shape aside, the color, texture and print (Stitching??) on this fabric is absolutely beautiful.

Ingrid Mida

Balenciaga is one of my favourite designers. I think it is the sculptural qualities of his designs that appeals to me the most.
I recently created a Balenciaga inspired dress out of mosquito mesh for my current installation at Fly Gallery.
Recently, I found a similar design of dress by Canadian designer Wayne Clark on the sale racks. To wear such a wide silhouette, one has to be very slim.

FIDM Museum

Ingrid, Balenciaga is definitely one of my favorites too! Working at a museum, I try to appreciate all of the collection equally, but I really am a sucker for Balenciaga.

FIDM Museum

Bockychoy, the textile choice in this dress is really outstanding, I agree. The texture in the fabric actually comes from the weave; the floral and polka dot forms are part of the structure of the fabric, not an added embellishment.


Rachel, just curious... there seems to be gussets in the underarm of the dress, am I right?

What about the coat? Does it have gussets too?

FIDM Museum

Elle, you're correct. Both the dress and the coat have underarm gussets. You've got a good eye!


Thank you Rachel!

I stared at the outfit for quite a while because I'm making a kimono coat with gussets which unfortunately stick out in an ugly fashion.

It's nice to have a reference showing how it can be done so much better. The gussets on the coat seem so well concealed.

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