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March 31, 2010


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Heather Vaughan

Rachel - do let me know if you decide to go up there. I wish I could make it up, but don't think I can swing it.

FIDM Museum

Heather, I'll be sure to let you know! I've read the catalog, which has a lot of great images...I'm sure the show is great too!


Thanks for the heads up. I live in Washington State and Bellevue is only 30 minutes away!

FIDM Museum

Tami, if you make it to the show, leave a comment letting us know what you think!

Tammy Posey

I have a pair of Herbert Levine shoes that look like the ones in the picture above, but they are the longer and slimmer sole. They are the black slick with gold wooden bottom and are beautiful! I would like to know how to find out the worth. I had no idea they were so special! I am thrilled.

FIDM Museum

Hi Tammy,

How exciting to own a similar pair! To find out the value, try looking at recent vintage fashion auctions to see how much other Levine shoes have been sold for. Or, you can always contact a certified fashion appraiser. Good luck!

Lilly Derrah

This kind of design looks interesting..

Kay Adams

Great article about the Kabuki

Rebecca Elliot

Interesting post! Now that the Bellevue Arts Museum exhibition is in the past, the link to its webpage is:

Here at The Mint Museum our current exhibition Pumped: The Art & Craft of Shoemaking includes a pair of black and gold Kabuki shoes with the longer sole, as well as a pair of Beth Levine pumps from the 1940s. The exhibition will be on view 7 May - 31 July 2016. See http://www.mintmuseum.org/art/exhibitions/detail/pumped-the-art-craft-of-shoemaking/# for details.

FIDM Museum

Hi Rebecca, thanks for sharing! Wish we could see the exhibition in person.

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