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March 24, 2010


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WOW. If this dress ever goes missing, it may or may not be in my closet!

FIDM Museum

Kat, just make sure you don't wear it around the FIDM campus! The museum staff might have to take extreme measures to get it back.

Becky D

This garment is absolutely remarkable. In the hands of an artist, these colors and shapes and the overall design of the dress absolutely sing. Were I to try something like this, the result would look like a monkey let loose in a paint store. Ha!

FIDM Museum

It is pretty amazing that this bright pattern, filled with so many colors and shapes, looks as harmonious as it does. I like your word Becky...this Pucci really does "sing!"

Lucy Reisch

I bought his negligee, with matching robe in 1964 and I cannot find the signature on it. Not sure if fell off or where it is. Until I find it I can't sell it for full value. It is out of this world and I have never seen another. It should be in a museum. Hoping someone can help me. I once wore it to a costume party and it sure was a hit.

Kaleidoscope design, I looked like the hippie of my time.

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