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March 03, 2010


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Heather Vaughan

I have a postcard of this corset thumb-tacked to my cubicle wall from the V & A Exhibition a few years ago. Such a lovely exhibit, and a marvelous profile of the designer. Good to know FIDM Museum also has her pieces!


Just finished some corsets for a production of Pirates of Penzance in MA, its amazing to see the same shape, shoulders, and support from something so modern. Fashion does tend to speak about the time it was created, but I love how it can totally span centuries as well!

FIDM Museum

Hi Heather!

We do have a number of Westwood pieces, but not all are photographed yet. Will try to feature more as the images become available! The V&A website for the Westwood show is great...I love that mini-sites are always an aspect of their exhibitions.

Neil, thanks for your comment! It is remarkable how Westwood is able to take a historic garment, maintain its fundamental characteristics but still make it look/feel very modern.


I got reminded of an interview with her in a Czech magazine, where she stated (I think as a comment on T-shirts with big brand names on them) that she'd rather wear a T-shirt with a Rembrandt painting on it.
Ever since then, I've wanted to have a T-shirt with a Dürer painting on it.
I have a funny two-sided attitude to Vivienne Westwood. I don't particularly like most of her designs, but I like many of the thoughts behind them, the innovation of old fashions included.
I like looking at historical fashions and that's why I like coming to this blog...

FIDM Museum


Westwood is definitely thought provoking. I've been interested in some of her recent comments which relate to not shopping. It's interesting and contradictory for a designer to speak in these terms.


I found the interview saved on my computer... she made that T-shirt comment in relation to T-shirts with pictures of Che Guevara. But she mentioned brand names before that.

She made a similar non-shopping comment in that interview, and that was in 2006. The redactor asked her whether she had any message for Czech women, and she replied - to stop shopping for clothes all the time, to think it over, then, if they finally buy something, it will be something special.
It's another of her thoughts on fashion I can agree with. Plus her notions of DIY.

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