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March 01, 2010


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Teresa Borden

Seems to me that when the current recession began, designers pulled back on the bling factor as a response to the times, showing more somber colors and less luxurious fabrics. It just didn't seem like the thing to do to show expensive silks and furs when, even in the fashion industry, people were losing their jobs.
Doesn't seem to me that it was a hemline thing. But I'm not an expert, just a fan.
It is interesting to see that, even in the past, the times were reflected in something as subtle as the presence of the wheat design. A delicate response. But who knows. At that time, something like that might have been equivalent to a billboard. No?

FIDM Museum

You raise an interesting point about if/how the wheat symbol would have been understood during the height of its popularity. I searched in Victorian flower dictionaries (books that list the meaning of individual flowers) for descriptions of wheat or grain, but didn't find much information. I plan to keep my eye out for more information!

The hemline question is always tossed around in times of dramatic economic change. During the "roaring" 1920s, hemlines were shorter, though there are exceptions. Hemlines dropped a bit during the 1930s. Of course, there are always examples which prove the opposite of any statement!

Amanda Ford

Interesting post. I thing that if this practice were to come back into vogue it would have to be corn symbols here in the US. I seem like everything from food to our cars is based on corn.


Interesting post and interesting question in the end.
It is true that during the Great Depression, women's skirts went all the way to the ground back then.

Cara Russell

The post says that "widespread cultural preoccupations or anxieties are often expressed through dress," so what does that mean with our fascination with animal slippers? Not that designers often introduce lines laden with animal slippers or kids slippers like those that we have at SuperSmartyPants, but adults and kids alike are fascinated with them; maybe it just speaks to our fascination with animals and relaxing.


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