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May 07, 2010


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Evangeline Holland

Such a gorgeous gown.

But the silhouette I feel, does reflect the restless mood of the 1910s.

FIDM Museum

Evangeline, could you elaborate on your comment? I'd like to know why you feel this dress reflects the mood of the teens. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Kay Enyart

How do I UNSUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG? I erroneously subscribed twice. You should have a 'manage your subscription' button, which I cannot find.

Thank You,
Kay E.

FIDM Museum

Hello Kay,

Our subscription is in the form of an RSS feed. So, when you click on the "subscribe" link, you're adding our blog to a reader. We don't send updates to your email inbox. If you use Google as your search engine, updates to our blog can be found under "Favorites," sub-category "Feeds." If "FIDM Museum Blog" appears more than once under your "Feeds," just right-click the mouse and then delete one of the feeds. If you use Firefox, "FIDM Museum Blog" will appear in the middle of your toolbar. Again, right-click the mouse and then delete if our feed appears more than once.

Hope this information helps! If you have any additional questions, feel free to email me directly at rharris@fidmmuseum.org

Becky D

I am so drawn to this dress. It's really lovely.

FIDM Museum

Becky, I think fashion from this era is sometimes overlooked, as it came right before the "Roaring '20s." But, dresses of this style/era are so lovely!


So what, exactly, would be worn under a gown like this?

FIDM Museum

Carmen, you are asking about undergarments, correct?

This was a transitional period when undergarments were changing. Many women probably continued to wear long-line corsets, which start below the bust and encase the waist and upper thighs. This type of corset would have been worn with a chemise or combinations worn under the corset. Some women probably wore an early style of bra with separate drawers under their corsets. A slim petticoat, or maybe a princess-line slip, would have been worn over these undergarments.
You can see a 1908-10 bra here: http://blog.fidmmuseum.org/museum/2010/12/brassiere-1908-1910.html
And a 1900-1910 combination undergarment here: http://blog.fidmmuseum.org/museum/2010/10/combination-undergarments.html

Hope this information answers your questions.

shirley horwath

I actually have one of his dresses. I don't know anything about it and have it listed on ebay right now. Would love some information. hermanhorwath@sbcglobal.net
ty shirley


I absolutely adore this dress. I chanced upon your website while I was looking for a dress circa 1912 to make for a Titanic 100th anniversary dinner I'm attending. This is the one! I'm going to try to copy it as closely as possible and hope I do it justice. Thank you for all the written information you provide, including links to the period underwear. Not sure I'll be wearing drawers though!

Sadly I can't visit your museum as I live in Australia, but will definitely come and find you if I'm ever in LA.

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