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July 27, 2010


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Heather Vaughan

Great post, as always. Quick question on the Suit of Lights - I thought there was a label on the inside from a New York costume construction house? Is the assumption that Rambova purchased the piece in Spain (totally feasible), and had the New York house make alterations?



I'm so glad you commented. Hollywood costume designer Howard Greer donated this suit of lights with the attribution of it being worn by Valentino in the movie "Blood and Sand". We confirmed this by watching the movie. The jacket must have been made in Spain because of the traditional construction methods and the high quality Spanish embroidery. It is likely Rambova did purchase the piece in Spain. I don't see evidence of alterations. Perhaps it entered a costume house after production. Greer could have purchased it from the costume house. Or, as I remember you telling me, the designer could have also purchased it from the Rudolph Valentino estate auction. This is a mystery that needs more sleuthing!

Deidre Thieman

I was wondering who loaned Valentino's jacket. Now I know. What a great piece!

FIDM Museum

Hi Deidre,

We're very fortunate to have this piece as part of the Department of Recreation and Parks, City of Los Angeles long-term loan to the FIDM Museum. It's really exciting to have this piece (along with all the others!) on exhibit, as it hasn't been out of the Museum too often. And the pictures taken by The Oklahoma City Museum of Art are a great addition to the object record!

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