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August 19, 2010


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That's not a lipstick! It's a Dr Who dalek!

FIDM Museum

I have to admit that I didn't know what a dalek was when I read your comment, but you're right! That lipstick does look strangely similar to the daleks on Dr. Who. If, like me, you're unfamiliar with daleks, wikipedia can help you out:

Bonnie Brown

Hello, I have a Lucien LeLong lipstick holder. It has 3 separate compartments. The compartments are only 1" in height. It is silver. Has a clasp on back (maybe to clamp to belt or cosmetic case?) Looks like it would hold the sample lipsticks from Avon. On the back it is stamped Lucien LeLong Quick Change. New York Chicago. I can't find picture and not sure of value. I would be grateful for any information. Thanks Bonnie B. in Alabama

FIDM Museum

Hi Bonnie,

I've seen advertisements for the Quick Change lipstick case when researching our collection of Lucien Lelong objects. Your local library or university should be able to provide you with access to a database (I like Proquest)of historical newspapers. I'd do a search for Quick Change in the New York Times and see what you find. Regarding the value, I'd check online auction sites or vintage-oriented stores to get a general idea. Best of luck!


I have one of the perfumes but I can not find a labeled of which one it is. There is a label on the neck of the bottle but all it states is "Lucien LeLong". Is there a way to identify this bottle?

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