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August 05, 2010


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Rachel, This is such a great idea, especially for a teaching university. I know that MFIT has some objects designated for this type of public education, but the idea of having an actual collection devoted to conservation which demonstrates the physical problems collections face is brilliant!

FIDM Museum

Hi Sarah!

That's high praise coming from a conservator! I'll be sure pass along your comments to Christina, who is the mastermind behind this collection.

People really engage with this collection, as it presents common challenges in a visual and tactile way. And, sadly, there's never any shortage of objects to add to this collection.

Becky D

I really appreciate this collection. It made me a little melancholy though! It brought back the sadness I felt a few years ago when I pulled a favorite special occasion dress from my closet and found it ruined by the plastic garment bag I had used to "protect" it. It had a giant new patch of weirdly shimmered discoloration. Such a disappointment! I will remember your post the next time I want to store something like that. Sigh.

FIDM Museum


Sadly, I think your experience is all too common! Hope you found something in this entry to guide you the next time you need to store a special occasion garment.


I have a dress from the 1920s and a dress from the 1960s that I need to store properly and this really helped. not hanging that delicate silk 20s dress now!

(there also seems to be a serious issue with the captchas on this site, I went through ten of them, all typed correctly and none were accepted. strange!)

FIDM Museum

Really glad to hear that this entry gave you some insight into how to store your historic garments. And yes, we are having some problems with the captchas. We're working to get it fixed!


Brilliant and very informative, Ms Johnson.

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