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September 17, 2010


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>>Their differing levels of popularity might be due to the inherent nature of these two yarn crafts. Crochet lends itself more towards open, lace-like finished projects, while knitting usually produces a dense, sturdy product prized for its warmth.<<

Huh? PLEASE correct this idiotic blanket statement. Google "Onasburg shawls". As someone who both crochets and knits, historic and contemporary, and has for over 40 years, I have found that crochet makes a very study, in-elastic fabric. (Yes, lace can be made with crochet, and I have it.) Knitting, on the other hand, provides elasticity. Extraordinary lace has been made by knitting for centuries, long before crochet was invented.

FIDM Museum


Thanks for the reminder that both knitting and crochet can be used to create a diversity of objects with different qualities depending on factors like needle size, yarn, etc.


I own the dress pictured above! How exciting to find it on your blog. I've had it for ten years...it's one of my favorite pieces...but had never been able to locate any information about the designer etc. Thanks!

FIDM Museum

Hi Judy,

Glad that we were able to help you out! Love it when we're able to make connections with objects in our collection and the world outside the FIDM Museum.


Hi Rachel, I'm thinking about selling my dress. Any idea of it's worth? I love it so much I'd hate to let it go for under-value. (ps...i saved this link from 3 years ago!)

FIDM Museum

Hello again Judy!

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer valuations of objects due to our ethical standards. I'd suggest searching online auction sites to see if you can find any comparable or similar objects. Sorry we can't be of more help! Best of luck.

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