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September 21, 2010


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I love the striped dress. I spent a long time looking at the pics to figure out the bodice construction: I like the 1930s style of gathering rather than darts for bust shaping which obviously works well with the bias cut fashions.


Sheer dresses were also worn during the Civil War, surprisingly enough! It's interesting how many periods of fashion that we consider overtly modest really had quite a few ways in which they defied that assumption :)

Jason Lillywhite

Since these were worn with linings, were they truly considered risque back then?

FIDM Museum

Though we'd have to do more research to confirm this, I think you can make a case for these dresses being slightly risque, depending on how they were worn. I think it would probably depend on the situation in which it was worn, and the color of the slip itself.


I am been searching for days and cannot find the proper term to call the first two dress's silhouettes. How the 'waist band' isn't even resting on the waist, but goes into an upside down v into the bodice area? It looks like it was popular starting in the 1930s, and I've been researching wedding dresses with that detail, but because I don't know that particular design type I have been unseccessful in finding a dress like the first two! Does anybody know??

FIDM Museum

Hi Reed,

The closest thing we came up with is a 'modified Empire waistline.' Hope that helps!


These dresses would have been worn with a full lining. you would not see undergarments, but a full slip made specifically for this dress. Like as not it would have had a shoulder seam in the 1/4"-2" range. I agree with you that any sheer garment has a 'sexiness' to it but it would not be revealing in a way that we see bra straps or entire bras these days (no judgement). They would be fully girdled under these.

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