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October 21, 2010


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Kai Jones

I carried a fan all last winter and spring, and used it whenever I had a hot flash.


loved seeing those fans. I have fans all over the house and in my purse. and I use them all the time. they're not real fancy but they serve the purpose. I'm not too concerned what people think about it.


The only problem I have with carrying/using a folding fan is managing not to lose the ones that I like!


Here in the midwest fans are still widely used, especially in rural areas.

Many rural churches don't have air conditioning and you can find a basket of stick fans in the back of the sanctuary or in the racks with the hymnals.

They are also very popular at county fairs. These fans are usually a freebie from a media outlet and often have the face of a local tv celebrity on them in bigger towns. In smaller towns they are more likely to be freebies from a bank or insurance agency with their advertising on them.

I rarely see folding fans. When I was younger older ladies often carried them, along with their delicate hankies used to blot at glowing faces.

I carry a folding fan in my purse that was my great-grandmother's. I do use that in the summer when we are working outside (husband is an entertainer and we spend most of our summers at county fairs).

FIDM Museum

Love hearing all of these fan stories!

Gracie, it's especially interesting to hear your thoughts on fan usage in the midwest. Given the hot midwestern summer weather, it makes sense that fans would still be used more commonly there.

Costumer's Guide

I had a similar experience in China when I visited. Cheap fans are sold everywhere, and everyone uses them. I was also recently in Spain and they are also sold everywhere there too. My Spanish friend told me they are fairly commonly used when it's hot there too. I wish they were used more in the US - they'd come in handy in the DC summers!


I actually do carry and use them in the summer. I've found them invaluable for surviving the Chicago summers. I find them in Chinatown for like, 2 dollars, I've got at least five!

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