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January 07, 2011


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Kay Y

That's easy: Ralph Rucci. I love the structural quality of his designs, the gorgeous fabric choices, and the way he uses self-fabric to embellish and as construction elements.


I love Madame Gres-- her lines and use of the bias are impeccable and every piece is so elegant and sophisticated. The craftsmanship of the inner structure of many of her pieces is amazing as well.

Steph @ Tart Deco

I just adore Lilli Ann in the 50s. Her dresses from that era are so stunning. Her choice of fabrics and design lines work perfectly together. I've seen one up close and they are incredibly flattering to many body types. She's got my vote!


I've always loved Christian Dior's designs. Oh so feminine and jet extremely strong silhouettes. And lovely details


My favorite designer has always been Erte. I love the air of drama and mystery his designs evoke. His illustrations are beautiful in their simplicity. Thanks for the giveaway; my fingers are crossed!

Igor U.Zubizarreta

My Favourite Couturier is CRISTOBAL BALENCIAGA , because he worked always with four ideas for created beauty and elegance, in the beginnings and in the late years, you could see the same idea of the creator, but in diferents moments.
I like your collection.

adelaide blair

I love Dior of the New Look period. It's the interior structure of the clothing that suckers me in every time. I'm always asking myself how he did that.


I'm going to go with Dior's New Look as my favorite. A cliche' perhaps, but so incredibly stylish. I particularly love the cocktail dresses.

melina bee

thanks! my favorite designer is Miuccia Prada, spec. her work for Miu Miu. I love how she mixes colors and is both whimsical/quirky yet very elegant.


Two hundred years before YSL, Rose Bertin became the first fashion designer to make a name for herself in the business, and she did it without labels, licensing, or advertising!


My favourite designer is Lena Hoschek because of her big skirts and inspiration from menswear. If I had to pick one designer to make all my clothes, she'd be the one.

Lisa D

My favourite designer is Elizabeth Hawes; her garments are beautiful but also practical, they were made for real life. I also love her for her informed and passionate writings on feminism, social justice issues, and the problems she saw within the fashion industry. Elizabeth Hawes was an enormously talented and courageous woman!

Crossing my fingers to win the book, how nice of you to offer it as a prize! I absolutely love your blog and check it often. Please keep up the great work!!


Unsurprisingly for folk posting on this thread, I'm decidedly fond of Christian Dior -- the lines and construction details of his clothing are fabulous, and a delightful study.


I'm a big Billy Reid fan right now. I love the classy, southern look and the bright colors he uses. His clothes are crisp and adorable at the same time. The Billy Reid shop in Soho is one of my favorite places to visit!

Tereese Radenbaugh

I love Betsy Johnson. She captures whimsy,sexy, romantic, and unexpected. I loved when she turned 40 and she had all her girlfriends model her clothes. Ageless fun is what makes her work so amazing. I love her jewelry too.
Tereese Radenbaugh

Natalee Madsen

My favorite designer has always been Edith Head. I've always thought that being a costume designer is somewhat more difficult that being a fashion designer--simply because you can't just have one "signature" look--you have to capture the vision of the play or the film and bring that to life through the clothing worn by the characters. Ms. Head's originality and talent were limitless--she was able to re-invent herself over and over again--and most fascinatingly, she had NO formal training in design or clothing construction.

Couture Allure

I love the easy and oh-so-wearable designs of Claire McCardell. She was a fashion revolutionary of her time.


Cristobal Balenciaga, for sure would have to be at the top of the list because when I look at photos of someone wearing one of his creations (think chemise dress, or one of his capes) there is pure feminine drama. I don't think there is enough of that anymore. Carolina


At the moment it's got to be Fortuny. I have this cracked idea that Mariano Fortuny was serving the Wizarding population in Diagon Alley well before ever serving Muggles.

Lydia Plunk

Chanel ushered in the modern era of women's clothing that outlastet the century. For her timeless appeal, she is my favorite


It's hard to pick just one. But i adore John Galliano and his aesthetic. His shows are very theatrical and the collections for his line and Dior are always eye catching and stunning. Colorful, dramatic, sensual and sophisticated at the same time.

Cassandra Lazzari

Vera Wang's whimsical, romantic use of ruffles and detail have always captured me. The fact that she is making desings for Kohl's and David's Bridal is fabulous and exciting because her breathtaking masterpieces are becoming more accessible to the every day woman.


Lucile (Lady Duff Gordon) - I love her kooky names for designs. "The Elusive Joy of Youth" evening gown; "The Sweetness of Love" dinner dress; "When Life's Young Pleasure's Woo" evening gown.


My favorite designer is Edith Head. Her collections have a timeless quality and definitely enhanced any project she worked on.

Alexandra Y.

I would have to go with Galliano on this one. His designs are so unique, with a style all his own, and he has this ability to allow his viewers to actually enter into an alter universe when they see his shows emanating from the runway. Love love LOVE!

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