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February 25, 2011


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Such a joy to read - with the wonderful photo at the end! Congratulations on such great research!


Christina this is an excellent article and research
on this beautiful gown! Amazing the passion that went into the writings of the history of this donation. I will share this with others that love the history of the field of fashion!
Thank you

Mary Winklea

Wonderful article! Some of my favorite memories of attending FIDM were of the antique garments from the FIDM collection being brought into the classroom. What an honor and thrill it was to see them up close.
Thank you Christina for sharing the story of this beautiful gown!


what a wonderful story and dress. I love that you have discovered the history of this gown and shared it with u.


Fascinating. Thank you.

As an 'average dressmaker', there's hope for me yet! Any chance of a detailed report on the construction, and a pattern for this gown?


Regarding patterning the gown and construction...we don't presently have plans to do this. Our collection is always open to researchers, though, so if you're ever in the L.A. area, I hope you make an appointment to view the gown!

Dawn Davenport

Christina, great piece and wonderful sleuthing. I loved reading this and learning how you discovered so much of this gown's history.

Carolina Ellis

Between the research and the visuals, I am in heaven. Thank you. Carolina

Nerissa Montie

I am so in love with this dress. Every detail sings to me. I find it excruciating that there is no image of the back details. Is there any possibilities you have images of the back taken that you could share with us all on Internet Land. I am pretty sure that many would be eternally grateful. Thanks :)


Internet Land, I've added a beautiful back view for you!

Lynsey Kriel

This article was thoroughly fascinating! Impressive research and I loved all the pictorial input. Well done!

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