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April 28, 2011


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They probably don't specify what women should wear b/c they know women will show up in something appropriate, whereas men, well some men, left to their own devices would show up in polo shirts and sneakers - especially the single ones


Great post.. I love learning a bit about FIDM staff through their choices! I'm with Meghan - the blue crepe is just lovely.

FIDM Museum


After writing this post yesterday, I realized that the blue crepe dress choosen by Meghan reminded me of another dress. The bodice is similar to the
dress worn at a royal-associated wedding, that of Wallis Simpson in 1937. Her dress was also blue, a color Mainbocher called 'Wallis blue." It is faded now, but these images show its similarity to the 1939 dress Meghan selected: http://bit.ly/mDCBaB.


Thanks Rachel! You know, I never knew the Wallis dress was blue. Do you what shade 'Wallis blue' is? That's a serious dye defect... you'd never know it was anything other than the pale creamy colour it is now.

FIDM Museum

I'll have to research that, but I think it's a light sky blue with a bit of periwinkle. But it's so hard to describe colors! Let me know if you find anything.

Hana - Marmota

I'm with Meghan, too - that's a very lovely dress, and I think its shape would work for me. :-)

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I watched the royal wedding from our TV and saw how stylish Kate's wedding gown is. It's like seeing Grace Kelly again. But apart from Kate's gown, it was raining hats that day! There were too much to count. These are very nice by the way, I love the blue crepe day dress.


I love that you all chose dresses you would've worn to the wedding :)

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