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August 26, 2011


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An almost identical item has been on sale on ebay forever. The similarities are startling.


FIDM Museum


Interesting! You're right that the ebay object is very similar, though a lot more worn than ours. Looking forward to seeing what other similar items are out there.


Naturally this is just a theory since there's no written documentation, but this appears to have been cut down from an earlier corset. The center back panels would have been ripped out, and the side-back panels butted together to make the more fashionable small-back shape. This would also have provided the fabric for the flap over the front laces. It looks as if it might not have fit the wearer at that point though, because you can see a different textile was inserted at the side front. The bottom edge binding is quite different and much clumsier there. It looks like it was embroidered after alteration, too, so it would be interesting to peek below that applied gilt braid at the top edge.
I'm intrigued by the wear over the front lower edge too. My original thought was that this would be what happens when you wear a skirt with the waistband hitched over your bodice, and the waistband wears the fabric, however the stubby tabs on the back and sides also show this deterioration and not in the same wear pattern.
I would love to go look at this up close!


Could it be theatrical, part of a masque, perhaps?

Amanda Trafford

The two vertical rows of ornate hooks would be for the traditional lacing across the corselet. It is very beautiful. Adjustments would have been common, I suspect, as garments were passed down through families - times were hard.

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