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October 24, 2011


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Jenny Wren

Since you haven't specified, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that this competition is open to overseas readers. My favourite fashion book is probably "Viking Clothing" by Thor Ewing, since I'm a Viking re-enactor...

Rachel Harris

Hi Jenny,

Yes, the contest is open to overseas readers! Glad you entered.

Agnes Gawne

I really, really need this book for my collection of fashion and costume books.

Evangeline Holland

Valerie Steele's "Paris Fashion"! It is an utter treat for Francophiles and fashionistas alike.

Christine A.

I would be thrilled to win any one of these three fashionable items!
To answer your question my latest favorite fashion book is "Lanvin"(Dean Merceron) which I received for my birthday this summer~it makes my heart race a bit faster when I look at such beauty:)

Rachel Harris

From Denise Farinsky:

My favorite fashion book is a tie between "Savage Beauty: Alexander McQueen" and "The Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute: Fashion--A History from the 18th to the 20th Century.

melina bee

I'd love to win the catalogue most, but any of the prizes would be a thrill. My favorite fashion book ever is "Decades of Beauty"

Glendon McKinney

Hello, Great blog, great site! And MY personal fave book is itself a glamorous object: "Hollywood Costume" by Dale McConathy and none other than DIANA VREELAND herself.

Joyce W.

My daughter attended FIDM and I would love to give this to her for a Christmas present.

Becky Gockel

It would be wonderful to win the Note Cards (for me) or the Paper Dolls for my grand-daughter. We love going to FIDM exhibits.

Lauren R

My favorite fashion book is by far the "Fashion" of the Kyoto Costume Institute. It was my first book on historical costume, and despite collecting more and more over the years, I still refer back to the KCI book for inspiration. Just the massive range of historical costume included, and the fabulous all-color photos really make it a go-to book for me. It's hard to pick just one, though :-)

Sharon S.

I love this type of book & Blog! I used to collect old perfume bottles. :)

Natalie pearce

I would love a copy to help my fashion and museums studies... I cant separate my loves! FIDM Began my love affair...

Betty Brees

My favorite fashion book is the one I have in my hands at any given time.

Carey Hannaford

It looks like a lovely book! It is hard to pick a favourite. My most recent purchases were the fashion in detail series and they are lovely to look at. I think my favourite is still The complete Costume History. It is huge, and shipping to Australia cost more than the book but it was well worth it.


Looks like a cool book, I would love to win it! I love all fashion-related books!


I think my favorite fashion-related book has to be 9 Heads. Very easy to understand, has LOADS of references and information. As an artist I can say it greatly helped improved my drawing skills!

Aurora Celeste

I'd love to get a copy of this book free! I haven't had the money to order a copy yet, what with the holidays coming up. Right now my favorite book in my collection is the Kyoto Costume Institute's Fashion book because of all its yummy pictures!


Love fashion books, particularly historical fashion!


My favorite Fashion related-book, My Favourite Dress by Gity Monset, Samantha Erin Safer, and Robert de Niet

Katrina Andrews

My favorite fashion book is definitely Janet Arnold's "Patterns of Fashion 2", a.k.a. the one that covers 1860-1940. :D


Hands down, the KCI Fashion book! I use it as inspiration constantly! They do a lovely job of styling the costumes too.


My favorite fashion book is "Adrian: Silver Screen to Custom Label." He's my favorite movie costume designer so I can't resist anything that gives me the chance to admire his work.


Glad to hear the give-away is open to those of us overseas. Thanks for the chance to win a Fabulous prize!


Whoops! Sorry, got so carried away I forgot to mention a favourite fashion-related book. For my last birthday I was given "Edith Head" by Jay Jorgensen, which is my current favourite.

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