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December 07, 2011


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Interesting! Now I really want to know where the hat is from!

p bargar

very very nicely balanced shape and form and texture.


This is very timely Rachel - I'm about to turn in a paper on movie fashions in Photoplay! Great information and beautiful object :) - Joanna

Dawn Thompson

I have a Movie Modes Hat. How can I find the history on this one hat. The label reads "Original Movie Modes" Featuring 20th Century Fox Stars. Hollywood. If you could give us some direction as how to gain the information, I could even send a photo. Black woven straw with full over the face black veil. Large pink plume on front. The design has the brim much longer in the back. It appears that the style is similar to the hat in your photo of movie Anna Karenina only our is black.

FIDM Museum

Hello Dawn,

What a lucky find! As I mentioned in the post, I wasn't able to find specific information on the "Movie Modes" brand, but there's a wealth of info available on the ways in which studios promoted film costumes to manufacturers for everyday dress. Try looking at the two sources listed in the post.

Also, I'd try keyword searches for Movie Modes in a database that has access to historic newspapers. We use Proquest often and find it very useful. Your local public or university library should be able to help you with this. Fashion periodicals from the approximate date of your hat will also be helpful, though these can be harder to access.

Finally, I should note that this post was published in 2011. I haven't delved into this topic since my initial research, so it's quite possible that there's new information now available online. Good luck with your search for info on your Movie Modes hat!

Logan Riese

Hi Movie Modes hats was a company owned by my Grand father Casper.
Studio Styles and Cass of California were also his hat companies. I am a clothing designer in Los angeles in the same industry and town as him continuing on with our family tradition.
Thank you for keeping him and his work alive!
Logan Riese
Logan Riese Leather

FIDM Museum

Hi Logan,

Thanks for your email! It's great to have this information. Thanks for getting in touch with us!

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