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April 17, 2012


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Danstar taps!

Of course, you've heard about the legend, that Astaire's first screen test generated the comment "Balding. Can't sing. Dances a little."

FIDM Museum

Yes! I came across several variations of that quote while researching this post. Quite an underestimation of his talents!

Jon Goell

I think the Astaire brown suede tap shoes with the extended toe taps were worn in the "Top Hat" scene in which Astaire is driving a London Hansom cab and tapping to the horse hoof rhythms for his unwitting passenger, Ginger Rogers. The shoes appear in a close-up, and the taps sound like they were recorded live during filming.

Jon Goell


They are towards the bottom left in this photo taken circa Shall We Dance.


here they are. https://vickielester.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/fred-astaires-shoes.jpg


Here they are towards the bottom on the left circa the time of Shall We Dance is when this photo was taken.


FIDM Museum

Great find, thank you Paul!

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