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July 20, 2012


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Hana - Marmota

Yes, fabulous!
Though I'm wondering... do you really say things like "the world of Bohemia" in English? Seeing as Bohemia is primarily a real country (historically determined, now part of the Czech Republic but still present as a way of identification - e.g. "Central Bohemia"), its location to Greenwich Village in your article sounds ridiculous to the Czech me.

FIDM Museum

Good point. In English, Bohemia has two definitions--the former country/now region, and an artistic free spirit or a community of such people. It also suggests a cultural world that is unattached to a particular geographical point. Though we mention Bohemia in relation to Greenwich Village, that is just one example of a Bohemian world. In English, this is probably the more common usage of the word. This Wikipedia entry helps offers a more detailed explanation of the English usage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bohemianism


Did you make a catalogue for this show?

FIDM Museum

Hi Sophie,

Unfortunately, there was no catalogue for this show. This blog post is your best opportunity to see the exhibit now that it's over.


Thanks Rachel. Can I ask if you know of a designer called Gaugh? I only have the surname, from a 1916 article referring to artistic dress in Greenwich Village, and can't drag anything up from Google...

FIDM Museum


That's not a name that I'm familiar with. In my research on Greenwich Village, I found that there were many, many small-scale designers working in a variety of media. I suspect they all had relatively modest output and probably sold only from 1 or 2 locations. I'd take a look at the New York Times archive and see if you can find anything; search both the designer's name and the type of designs they were creating, i.e. batik, embroidery, etc. University libraries and many public libraries have databases (usually Proquest) that include The New York Times. Some Proquest subscriptions also include access to the Vogue archive, which might also be helpful. You might also look into guidebooks to Greenwich Village, which sometimes included the names of popular bohemian shops.

Good luck in your search!

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