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August 09, 2012


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Becky D

I'll bet I know what motivated a wedding gown post this week!!

Jim Wells

Wow, what a surprise to find a photo of my Grandmother on the FIDM website! I've a similar photo of her in the dress. The handwriting on the FIDM photo was written, I'm pretty sure, by her daughter Elizabeth Wells Jones Andreson (recently deceased). Mary Peterson was James Jackson's youngest daughter. He was from Huntington, West Virginia where he married Isa Lorentz. I have a lot of the dates, etc., if you're interested. I'll ask my Mom (age 94) what she knows about the wedding dress.


Jim Wells

Analou @ Wedding Photographer

I like the style of that wedding gown. I will steal some designs of it. Thanks for posting!

FIDM Museum

Wow! This is why I LOVE posting our collection online! It is wonderful to hear from you. I suspected that Mary Peterson was James Jackson's daughter, but hadn't been able to confirm that info. We would love to learn more about the wearer of this dress and her family! Thanks for taking the time to post our comment on our blog.

Connie Jones Pillsbury

Mary Peterson was the daughter of James Jackson Peterson, Sheriff of the Philippines, and Isa Lorentz Peterson. Mary Peterson was born January 25, 1887 and was raised in Huntington, WV, with her two sisters. She graduated from Mills Seminary in Oakland, California in 1906. She was not betrothed when she boarded the ship to go to Manila to be with her parents. However, a young man, Walter T. Wells, an engineer, was on the same ship. As the story goes, when he saw Mary Peterson arrive on the ship, he told his friend, "See that girl? She will be my wife some day!" And Walter T. Wells and Mary Peterson did marry, in Manila, on Nov. 20, 1912. Walter Wells went on the establish the lucrative oilfield tool company, Lane-Wells company in Los Angeles. Lane-Wells eventually merged with Dresser Industries. Walter and Mary had a lovely estate in La Canada, a horse ranch in San Fernando Valley, and a large mountain home in Mineral King area of Sequoia National Park known as 'Kaweah Han.' Mary and Walter was gracious hosts, sharing their collections of fine English china at their elegant dinner table. Mary was always a lady. She passed away in Claremont October 15, 1966. Submitted by Connie Jones Pillsbury, former wife of Mary's grandson, Dale G. Jones. Family Historian, Jones Family

Connie Jones Pillsbury

Correction: Upon further research, I found that Mary Peterson and Walter T. Wells were married on November 20, 1911, in Iloilo, Philippine Islands.


Classic and timeless, as a wedding photographer I get to see a lot of different wedding dresses, but I have never seen a dress with such attention to detail.

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