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September 05, 2012


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J. Orlando

Christina, your dedication to scholarship is inspiring and your research defines the importance of the museum's collections. You always do impressive work!


I hope, if/when you acquire this dress, you display it properly as a 1920's silhouette with a dropped waist! The photo above, on the mannequin, makes it look very old fashioned and 19 "teens."

interesting how that does illustrate the evolution from the earlier silhouette, however.

Dan Milco

The wedding dress was "owned" by the Victoria and Albert Museum for a while - Cecil Beaton donated it to them without the permission of the Earl who had only lent it to the Fashion: An Anthology exhibition in 1971. It was returned sometime in the early 80s as it appears in Madeline Ginsburg's book accompanying the wedding dress display at Bethnal Green, but I don't remember seeing it at all in the later 80s when I started going there so it must have been given back by then. That was a Reville and Rossiter dress - I assume this is also Reville and Rossiter?

FIDM Museum

Hi Dan,

Princess Mary's going-away dress does not have a maker's label--it is only her handwritten name that appears on the petersham. The Daily Mail of 8 February, 1922 includes an article titled, "Princess Mary's Wedding Dress" and states it was indeed designed by Reville. Her going-away dress is also described: "This dress is made by Mme. Handley Seymour, of New Bond Street, who has made nine of the trousseau gowns." Madame Handley Seymour was a dressmaker to Queen Mary, and would come to design the wedding gown of Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the future Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, in 1923.

Christina Johnson
Associate Curator/FIDM Museum

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