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June 13, 2013


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This sounds fascinating! Is there a charge? Also, is there a minimum number of people for appointments? Thank you!

FIDM Museum

Hello Edith,

There's no charge, and no minimum number of visitors for appointments. Feel free to call Jim Nemmert at the number listed in the post if you'd like to make an appointment to see "Gatsby's Women."

You might also consider attending "Gatsby's Women: Fashionable Ideals of the 1920s" on Satuday, August 10. You'll have an opportunity to see the exhibit, and hear a fascinating lecture by Associate Curator Christina Johnson. There is a $35 per person fee for this event. You can find more information on this event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/413694878746780/.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!


Wow!! Thanks for the lightning quick response and the info on the lecture!! I'm asking my friends if they're interested in joining me to see this and will contact Jim when we're ready.

Tui W.

I was wondering how I could find out more about the shoes in the event? They were absolutely gorgeous. I'm usually just a flip flop gal, but I fell in love with those. I was not allowed to take photos and wish I'd thought to take notes. I see no mention of them separately anywhere. Do you have any suggestions for finding out more about the shoes in your event or ones like them? Please

FIDM Museum

Hi Tui,

Glad you liked seeing the shoes! There are some wonderful period shoes included in this exhibit. If you're interested in 1920s shoes in general, I'd suggest looking at period sources, like magazine advertisements, fashion editorials, or even old catalogs. You can often find wonderful descriptions, even images, in these types of resources. There are also some great books on historic shoes. One I like is Women's Shoes in America, 1795-1930 by Nancy Rexford. Lots of detailed information and drawings.

If you can, come back and visit Gatsby's Women again! It will be open through November 16, 2013.

Mary DeSloover

Under the picture of the dress above, the exhibit time frame says it will be there till November 9. Is it really gone already?

FIDM Museum

Hi Mary,

Yes, the exhibit is still open! It will actually be open through November 16, an extension of the date originally published in this post. Hope you're able to visit Gatsby's Women before it closes in November!

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