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March 23, 2016


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Daniel Milford-Cottam

Thank you so much for the call-out. It's very mucn appreciated. I enjoyed working with the Paquin archive and have been able to identify quite a few Paquin designs in various collections/sources from the design books - although not all of them are in the V&A archive alas! It was a delight to be able to identify such a spectacular example of early Edwardian Paquin.


ed robens

Paquin stores in London and Paris became limited company in 1896 following stock market flotation. The promoters of this deal were Industrial Contracts Syndicate, run by two financiers. The had already floated Harrods, D H Evans, J. Cass et Fils and in 1897 Maison Virot, plus other less well known stores. They had a relationship with the directors of Harrods including Sir Alfred Newton, Sir Richard Burbidge and Sir James Bailey. They often sat on the board of these new companies. Bailey and Newton were on the board of Paquin as was one of the financiers - Baron Adolf von André.

eve sawyers

I have a Paquin dress and jacket from Hiver 1908 that I would love to see the design for/find out the name. Any idea where to look? I read on the V & A website her sketches are bound in volumes?

FIDM Museum

Hi Eve! Yes, V&A would probably be your best resource (see the comment above from our colleague working with the V&A archives!) However, you might also have some look looking through La Mode Illustree. You will probably need to visit a library, although you can find some issues digitized - try the New York Public Library. Hope that helps!

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